Nano Coating For Construction

Maximum Protection in Construction

BionicA™ nano coating products offer permanent protection and unparalleled slickness for any industry imaginable

BionicA™ nano coating products are applicable for both interior and exterior use, and across a wide range of materials.  These products are all eco-friendly and designed to provide maximum protection from water, mineral deposits, dirt, fungus, mould and other contaminants on all new and existing surfaces.

BionicA™ nano coating products are available for most building surfaces including glass, solar panels, stone, concrete, fabric, timber and metal that protects the surface and makes it easy clean.

Unlike traditional coatings, BionicA™ nano coating products become one with the surface forming a molecular bond on a nanoscopic level. Due to this, liquids can no longer penetrate the surface and dirt, grease and fungi cannot adhere.  These coatings are invisible, do not change the look of the material used and reduces maintenance and cleaning cycles and the need to use toxic cleaning chemicals.

Finally, there is a coating that offers permanent protection and unparalleled slickness for any industry imaginable.

Windows & Facades

BionicA™ nano coating product protects the surface from hard water, calcium build up, watermarks, sand and dirt. The water that hits the surface beads and rolls off taking the dirt with it, giving the surface a self-cleaning property.


BionicA™ nano coating product on treated marble gets glossy and very liquid repellent. Once applied it protects the surface from all sorts of stains, scratches and at the same time allows the stone to breath. There is no need for waxes or sealants once the product is applied.


BionicA™ nano coating product can be applied to most wood surfaces. It can be used instead of oils, stains and sealants. The coating prevents UV rays and water from damaging the surface. Not just that, but the durability is extensive.


Train cars and wall paintings are targets for graffiti painters around the world. With a BionicA™ nano coating product protectives coating, graffiti paint will not bond to the surface and can be removed with a simple pressure wash. On train cars the coating also protects against brake spark burn marks.


  • Concrete, brick and masonry surfaces.
  • Natural stone (inc bluestone, sandstone, granite etc).
  • Painted surfaces (concrete or metal).
  • Metals and Plastics.
  • Children’s play grounds.
  • Public areas, Heritage Buildings and Council property.
  • Signage, both painted and cut vinyl.
  • Architectural specification when planning and building new projects.
  • Road and highway infrastructure (including freeway noise and retaining walls, overpasses, bridges, jersey barriers, tunnels etc).
  • Public transport stations, shelters, trains, trams & buses.
  • Shopping centres, Commercial buildings and walkways.
  • Schools and Sports pavilions.