Home Surface Protection

Complete Home Protection

WetPA™ offers a wide range of nano surface coatings to help protect all aspects of your home and most valuable assets.

From protection against marks and stains on furniture through to easy to clean solutions for glass, ceramics, porcelain and metals, WetPA™ nano coating products have you covered. All our coatings are non-toxic, safe and very easy to use.  Once applied, the coatings will provide long lasting protection against all liquid spills and enable for surfaces to be easily cleaned with just a damp cloth. No more repetitive use of chemical cleaning products which apart from saving you money, is great for the planet and the environments in which we live.

All our coatings are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, are invisible when applied and do not alter the look or feel of the materials that they are applied to.   When used outdoors on timber and stone or brick tiles, the coatings will not only weather protect these surfaces but also inhibit the grown of ugly moss, mould and fungus. They will prolong the life of these materials and keep them in better condition for longer.

To complement this already extensive range of coatings, WetPA™ nano coating products have now introduced a completely innovative coating for even greater home protection. WetPA™ Antibacterial Surface Coatings now offers you protection against the spread of viruses and bacteria on both hard and fabric surfaces. So now we’re looking after you as well as your property!

Glass & Ceramic

WetPA ™ nano protection for Glass + Ceramic is a powerful, long lasting and invisible coating that repels liquids and creates an easy-to-clean surface.

This easy to apply coating protects against etching, lime scale, soap scum, mould and algae. Cleaning can now be performed using just a damp cloth, reducing the need for household cleaning products by up to 90%.

Engineered to last up to 5 years, this coating can be used on all types of glass, ceramics and porcelain both indoors and outdoors.

Fabric & Textile

WetPA™ Fabric + Textile nano product is an innovative water repellent that will protect all types of textiles and fabrics against water, dirt and stains, whilst remaining completely invisible.

Suitable for leather, cotton, wool, silks and synthetics, it will not affect the look or feel of these materials nor its ability to breath. 

WetPA™ Fabric + Textile nano product is totally environmentally friendly and non-allergenic, the highest possible rating for textile coatings, making it suitable for all household furniture as well as clothing.


WetPA™ Metal nano product is an invisible, long lasting coating engineered to bond with all types of metal to provide a protective easy-to-clean surface.

Certified as food safe, it is suitable for all food preparation areas like kitchen bench tops, basin and sinks and BBQ’s and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Used outdoors it will provide protection against tea staining, salt deposits, rust and corrosion. Used indoors it can be used on all metal appliances to help minimise finger prints and marks and enable surfaces to be easily cleaned with damp cloth, minimising the need for chemical cleaners.

Stone & Brick

WetPA™ Stone + Brick nano product is a high performance penetrating and protective sealer for the protection of porous mineral surfaces of natural stone, brick and unglazed tiles. It is an invisible water repelling coating that maintains the look of these materials whilst protecting them from unsightly marks and stains. Used outside, it will also prevent the formation of algae, fungus and moss as well as prevent soiling from dropping leaves and bird droppings. 

The nano coating is 100% food safe making it ideal for kitchen bench tops and splash backs. Each application can provide up to 5 years.

Raw Timber

For those who love the look of natural timber, WetPA™ Raw Timber nano coating is the ideal water repelling protective sealer. Totally invisible and 100% and UV stable, this coating will not only protect your natural finishes from marks and stains, but ensure that your timber is preserved from water damage, rot, mould and mildew. It is also food safe and so ideal for tabletops and furniture both inside and outside.