Textile Nano Protection

Nano Fabric Protector Against Liquids & Stains

Modal™ fabric protector forms an invisible layer of nano coating over the surfaces of your clothes, protecting them against liquids, oils, and dirt, thus providing them with easy-to-clean properties.

With its nano based formula, Modal™ nano coating prevents liquids and dirt from being absorbed into the material of your clothing items. The protective layer is resistant to chemicals and heat, remaining effective for up to one year washes.

Which Surfaces Does Modal™ Wear Protect?

Formulated with eco-friendly and breathable components Modal™ nano coating is an innovative fibre protection product that protects almost all types of fabric and textiles against water, dirt and stains.

Modal™ nano coating protects a variety of items ranging from T-shirts and shirts to pants, sweaters, dresses, ties, and suits. The product can safely be applied to fabrics made like Cotton, Polyester, Fleece, Satin, Silk, Linen, Cashmere, Suede and Leather as well as Wool, Synthetics and Silk.

Textile & Leather & Fabric

Modal™ nano coating surrounds every fibre with a matrix network of nanoparticles that are extremely hydrophobic and oleophobic; that is, they repel both liquids and contaminants. Liquid spills will either run off or sit on top of the fabric and can be easily shaken off or soaked up using a paper towel or similar. The liquids will not soak into the material, eliminating any potential staining.

By bringing water and oil repellency to the surface, Modal™ nano coating leather care product prevents the surface from dirt and stains and provides protection against color fading caused by the sun and leather deformation that can occur over time. This product will help you to extend the life of your leather and protect the surface against chemicals and UV rays

Features and Benefits

  • Long lasting protection for a wide range fabric and textiles including cotton, leather, nubuck, suede, polyester, wool and silks
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Perfect protection for clothes, furniture and carpets,
  • Liquids such as milk, coffee or wine will not permeate textiles.
  • Maintains the look, feel and characteristics of the material
  • Repels liquids and minimizes stains.
  • Totally invisible
  • UV-stable (i.e. will help prevent discolouration due to sunlight)
  • Non allergenic and environmentally friendly.
  • Water based and harmless to your skin.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Prevents mould on outdoor awnings and umbrellas.

Modal™ nano coating product is totally invisible and does not effect the fabrics appearance, its ability to breath or feel.