Marine Surface Protection

Boat & Watercraft Protection

UV stable NanoFest™ nano coating products are formulated to provide maximum protection from harsh coastal and marine environment.

NanoFest™ ceramic coating offers a full range of protective nano coatings for all types of boats and watercraft.  Formulated to provide maximum protection from harsh coastal and marine environments, NanoFest™ nano coating has been designed to make cleaning and maintaining watercraft easier, faster and less costly; as well as maintaining their appearance and investment value.

NanoFest™ nano coating product is UV stable and will not breakdown from the effects of UV or weather. The coatings are completely invisible and will not alter the look of your watercraft. In fact they provide a protective microscopically thin nano layer that will actually strengthen and protect what’s underneath.  Biological safe, the polish can be also used below the water line without any negative effects to marine life or the environment.  This will not only make these surfaces easier to clean but will also improve efficiency through the water.

NanoFest™ nano coating products offer the following suite of coatings to cover just about every marine vessel situation:

  • Boat Polish + Seal
  • Glass + Ceramic
  • Fabric + Textile
  • Electrical + Circuits

Boat Polish & Seal

NanoFest™ Boat Polish and Seal coating is a nanotechnology enabled long lasting sealant that imparts a non-stick and an easy to clean high shine effect on boat surfaces. Engineered to last up to 18 months, the coating is biologically safe and highly durable. It will not crack or peel off due to UV and has a high resistance to scratches and abrasions. It is completely invisible and can be used above and below the waterline.

This easy to apply coating makes cleaning your boat far easier and quicker leaving you more time to enjoy your boating.  Your boat will be better protected from the effects of weather, UV and the harsh marine environments in general after just a single application.

A quick hose and wipe down with a damp cloth is usually all that’s required to clean down your boat after use. It will minimise the incidence of oxidisation and add years to the appearance of your boat regardless of how it is stored.

Glass & Ceramic

NanoFest™ Glass + Ceramic coating is a clear, nanotechnology enabled coating, which improves overall visibility and durability of windscreen and glass surfaces by making the glass surface super hydrophobic.

NanoFest™ bonds with the glass surface to provide an invisible, non-stick protective barrier that is water repellent and self / easy cleaning improving your visibility when conditions turn unfavourable.

With this advanced coating technology all your boat glass surfaces can be protected making them easy / self cleaning and water repelling.  Perfect for harsh marine environments.

Fabric & Textile

NanoFest™ Fabric + Textile nano coating will protect all types of textiles against water, dirt and stains whilst remaining totally invisible. It will prevent the growth of mould on seats and minimise the damage of UV and corrosive marine salt air.

Boat seats, bimini’s and fabric of every material can be treated. Water and liquid spills are not able to penetrate the material and will run off the surface preventing stains and permanent marks.  The nano coating is highly abrasive resistant and is UV stable, ensuring its longevity and practical application.

Ideal for seats and fabric surfaces below deck. It will maintain the appearance of interior furnishings and eliminate the effects of water damage.

Electrical & Circuits

NanoFest™ Electricals + Circuits nano coating is a must have for all boat and yacht owners.  It is a nanotechnology enabled moisture protection spray that protects electrical and electronic parts, from all forms of water (vapour, humidity, condensation, water, splashes, rain, flooding, saltwater etc.)

It provides you with peace of mind that electrics will not stop working due to water penetration. It maintains electrical circuits and even restores electrical connectivity after submerging and in wet conditions.

Be prepared for the quick fix of short circuits even in the harshest of boating and marine conditions.