Personal Surface Protection

WetPA™ nano coating products have been specifically designed to prevent scratches, stains, and dirt from damaging your electronic devices and personal accessories.

Forming an invisible, liquid repellent layer over the surfaces of your valuables, our products protect the treated surfaces against scratches, in addition to facilitating their cleaning process by preventing the potential buildup of dust, dirt and antifog.

Which Surfaces Does WetPA™ Protect?

WetPA™ nano coating products can be applied to the screens of electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers, as well as to accessories such as jewelry, watches, goggles, glasses, moto helms, and etc

Glass & Windows

WetPA™ nano coating water repellents create an invisible, effective and extremely smooth film on various glass surfaces, such as personal windshields, glass and mirror surfaces in households, wet room areas like wellness and sauna areas, swimming pools, showers, baths. That is why, water drops do not adhere to vertical surfaces and run-down inclined surfaces more readily.

WetPA™ nano coating products improve both all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort and Helps easily remove frost, ice, salt, mud and bugs. These products provide both an invisible, effective and extremely smooth film on glass surfaces and imparts high-performance and cost- effective solutions for glass surfaces

Using WetPA™ nano coating products, you may empower the glass surface with water repellent abilities. Simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the raindrops fly off your windshield. These products help improve visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow. Now, during driving, skiing, or mountain climbing you will not be distracted to wipe dirt from the glass.

Glass Cleaner & Anti-fog

WetPA™ nano glass cleaner & anti-fog is an excellent product for personal windshields, glass and mirror surfaces in households, refrigerators, stovetops and kitchen counter surfaces, wet room areas like wellness and sauna areas, swimming pools, showers, baths.

Textile & Leather

WetPA™ nano coating product is a transparent leather protector that can be applied to genuine and artificial leather surfaces, preventing paint transfer and ensuring minimal wear.

By bringing water and oil repellency to the surface, WetPA™ nano leather care product prevents the surface from dirt and stains and provides protection against color fading caused by the sun and leather deformation that can occur over time. This product will help you to extend the life of your leather and protect the surface against chemicals and UV rays

Fabric & Textile

The waterproof for fabric product ideally fits textile, suede, nubuck providing them with water and oil repellency, and at the same time, leaving them breathable by using water-repellent products

Polishing Protector

Using WetPA™ nano polishing protector, you need not be afraid of water, mud, or dusty surfaces. This product has been specially formulated for use to shoe care and suitable for use on, including; Any dashboard, tire, boats, shoes, golf bags, pocketbooks, camera bags, vinyl surfaces and etc. Applying on clean and dry surfaces gives better results. Due to its antistatic property, it restores the original shine of the applied surface and delays dusting.